B228's Solution to Carjacking

Carjacking has become a major crime, especially in leftist cities. The perps committing these crimes are minors, because they know implicitly that if they’re caught, their consequences are mild, and generally, they have hardly any fear of jail time. My solution to this problem is guaranteed jail time without televisions, phones, or any electronic devices. They can have books whose stories have wholesome, moral outcomes However, they could have shortened sentences if they accede to boot camps where they must comport themselves in a civilized, polite fashion while performing exhaustive physical training. Learning to say “Yes, sir and no,ma’am” I think would induce more ethical redemptions than any of these liberal programs for juvenile delinquents now sickeningly referred to in Obama terms as “justice involved” youths.

I love it when wacko liberals act like these stupid little phrases matter…Theatre of the absurd.


Disgusting what happened to Brian Robinson, Jr., drafted by the Washington Commanders out of Alabama. Just as I alluded to the lead post of this thread, it was armed teenage carjackers who attacked Robinson who fought off one young thug, disarming him, while another thug shot him several times. Robinson is a class guy, a hard worker, who patiently waited his turn to move up the depth chart and become Alabama’s lead RB last year. What terrible injustice. These thugs need jail time, hard work, no telephones, no television. They need harsh punishment first and foremost for their wicked crimes not liberal counseling sessions. In my world, they’d be put into a rigorous boot camp and learn how properly to say yes with the word sergeant attached to it.