Az audit

Looks like they are now recounting everything again but this time behind closed doors.

So much for a completely open and transparent audit.

Earlier this week, Bennett told a conservative talk show host that he was on the “precipice” of resigning after having been denied entry to the building where Cyber Ninjas is conducting its latest round of ballot counting, as The Arizona Republic reported last week.

He gave confidential audit information to a 3rd party to “review.” He was banned by the Senate (Karen Fann) in particular for breaking protocol and engaging in unethical behavior.


Still a big question of why they are now doing a closed door count when the claim was transparency.

I haven’t been keeping up with this.

  1. After all this time, why the need for a recount? Conservatives are pissed that the real count took longer than a day, and these guys have months and can’t get it right?!?

  2. What’s the reason for the privacy?

They are not counting the votes they are counting the actual ballots to make sure the numbers make sense. And apparently they are doing it multiple times to make sure it’s accurate.

They’ve done the counts in public. Not sure why this one is private. Maybe it has to do with the breech that Ken Bennett caused?

Two thoughts:

  1. there are counting machines that could get that done in a matter of a day or two.
  2. If all of the ballots are roughly the same weight, you could simply weigh all of them together and divide by the individual weight to get a pretty close number.

I get that they want to be 100% correct but having multiple methods helps to re-validate the numbers.

Wait, isn’t counting votes the same as counting ballots?

And don’t the original counters perform the count multiple times as well?

But, I think my point remains. This has been months. They could’ve counted the ballots 8 times over by now. I’m wondering why the need for another?

But I suppose that information’s not public, if this public audit is very private all of a sudden. Hopefully we’ll get more details.


Ballot = paper instrument

Vote = explicit intent of voter

They are waiting for the county to turn over routers and other digital info. The county is refusing.

They can’t complete the audit without it.

I think it’s a cat and mouse game right now until a court forces the county to hand the materials over.

I can appreciate the distinction, but when you count votes you can also count ballots. Ie. X for Trump, Y for Biden, Z for NA/Other.

Not when you’re simply trying to determine how many total votes were cast vs how many were mailed out or recorded.

I’m not sure how to count what was mailed out. Counting what was recorded should be easy. Are you saying they didn’t have time to count these things yet??? Because that’s what I’m puzzled about.

The leak by Ken basically confirmed Biden won and the count by Ninjas was the same as the county. If that is true, I doubt the other states will move forward. Again, I’m fine with audits but the people paying for them will want different results so when those results don’t pan out then I doubt they will keep paying for more.