Avery Huff & Jeremiah Payton?

Does anyone have any updated information on Avery Huff’s weight? The last I saw he was at 215 lbs but that was from last year.

I’d really like to see him play at or around 225-230 lbs this year. I think he has all the tools to be that sideline to sideline backer we’ve been missing. Unless I’m mistaken he is the most talented linebacker on the roster imo. Between Brooks, Cave and Huff the Mike & Will positions should be filled adequately and hopefully on the verge of being a strength for this team.

Jennings needs to hit the transfer portal, Steed, special teams at best if he can stay healthy and I’m not exactly sure of Flagg because he may be the most instinctive of the bunch but he lacks the athleticism needed imo.

With regards to Jeremiah Payton, does anyone know what the story is on him? His high school film was nasty but he has yet to make any noise at all even with the likes of guys like Pope and Wiggins ahead of him who are both imo very average at best!

Is it a question of struggling with the play book or laziness and a lack of putting in the work, anyone??

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Payton was never that good…our fanbase loves to overhype WRs and this is what happens.

is Steed and Jennings really still on the roster? wow…seems like they were on the roster since the Al Golden days.

I disagree about Payton! Payton’s high school film was very nice imo! However I do agree with your assertion regarding the hyperbole pertaining to our recent wr’s such as Pope and Wiggins…

I was never a fan of Pope, NEVER! Everybody was talking about this speed that was average at best! Wiggin’s tape was mediocre but the Pope hype was really bothersome!

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Can’t just be us fans can it? I seem to remember the excitement from Pope when Rivals gave him his 5th star back in the day. Surely we’re not the only ones who missed on him.

Five Stars! He Must Be That Good!

Pope’s HS tape was equal to Amari Cooper’s IMO. Both didn’t pop off the page but they just had really good tape.

I thought Payton had great HS tape. You can’t say he was never that good. His HS tape was stellar.

I think what is lacking at Greentree is the desire to do what it takes to be great. You look at what the Bama guys do and you look at what our players do and I guarantee you it’s night and day. You have to have an infectious work ethic that starts with a few of your most talented players that carries over to all your other talented players.

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Then 2 people need to beat them out in practice. Someone also needs to beat out the walkon #34 also. Has not happened. These kids clearly know their assignments in practice better than Huff, Brooks, so forth and so on.

I thought he had his season cut short due to injury. I was hoping for a big year from him last year, but I won’t get my hopes up this year.

Brooks was injured (foot) which was the stated reason for limited PT. When he was in and Healthy, he looked the part compared to McCloud. Watching McCloud at DE showed me that he doesn’t have the football IQ needed to succeed.

Huff has the athletics but we’ve heard that before with McCloud. He is also needs to add a little weight for his height or he likely will get pushed around in run D.

Payton doesn’t appear to have the speed or quickness to get separation. Due to lack of separation, he has not been targeted as much and when he does get a target he doesn’t secure the catch some of the times before the defense can knock it free.

I wouldn’t say Brooks…Brooks played a ton, despite being banged up.

Flagg is a football player. I watched him in the last game. He’s not the fastest guy in the world but has good instincts and reacts well plus a good motor. Miami needs a prototype DE-LB, tall, rangy, and fast. Too many good football players waste their time playing basketball, the game they grew up playing. There are dozens of power forwards that we need start identifying and recruiting them. Then we turn them into big, fast, football payers. By that same token, I like QBs who are tall and athletic, and especially those that have point guard skills in basketball. Judging the motion of other players on the court and passing to them for an assist is a skill that transfers to football. Joe Burrow for example was an excellent QB in HS but he was also an All State point guard in basketball. An innovative coach would raid some basketball programs. Saben does it.

I guess Pope and Wiggins left the program?




Not that I would ever want to agree with this guy above me, but are you saying that we’ve fallen so much on hard times and get out-recruited by the heavies which we’re no longer a part of that we have to resort to converting basketball players into football players? Like there’s a ton of Jimmy Grahams out there to be converted who’ll become all-Americans? Hell, we can’t even make good football players out of guys who come in having played high school…FOOTBALL! I doubt we’d have the coaches to pull off the basketball to football model, man! But if that’s a part of what we have to look forward to, then my, how we’ve truly fallen apart.