Attracting new members

I know we like our right not community, but I think there’s only ~90 or so of us. We should be trying to grow.

Anyone have any ideas around that?

I created a Twitter handle and try to post some news in an attempt for people to see there’s a forum and if they’re interested, they can join. But I’m not active or creative enough to make it effective.

Would love to hear some ideas we can collectively implement.

Is it ethical to recruit member from other canes sites? Thinking no…but thought I’d ask.

It can be a little skeezy or not, and depends on each site’s rules. Usually word of mouth does spread to other message boards.

It’s a tough time because it’s the end of football season. Coming up with a plan now is fine, but it might make sense to wait until there’s Canes news and the seasons almost on us.

We have a couple of new faces, but I think the site is ready for more. I’ll start posting it around and see what happens. You all are more than welcome to spread the word as well. As far as other site poaching, I’d try to avoid it if possible, but honestly I don’t care either way.

No real opinion…I would prefer it doesn’t get “huge” but that would take a ton of work and prob some marketing and I’m not sure “huge” is what you guys are inferring here anyways.

Yeah I’m not talking thousands of people or anything. You’re talking major $$$ from what is paid now since the bandwidth usage will skyrocket. I’d be happy with 20-40 more active posters.

Perhaps if we somehow made the team suck less, board participation would organically expand.

One can dream…

we could end the dead horse discussions if Miami just won!

Banning the idiotic board troll would be a good move.

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