Atlanta Braves!

Are your world champions. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I was a fan when the pitching rotation was, Spawn, Zane, and pray for rain!

I’m happy the Braves won. Fuck Houston.

You’ve been a fan since the late 40’s?

I’m a fan too. But back to the Dale Murphy era.

I thought you were younger?

I was conflicted about this series. I lived in ATL as a kid and went to game 5 of the 91 World Series against the Twins. Pretty cool.

Loved seeing them win in 95 - and it’s a shame that team only won one title back then with all that talent they had.

I lived in Houston in 2017 when HOUSTON “won” :laughing: the series - right after hurricane Harvey so everyone was all in on Houston.

I suppose either way I was gonna win. :laughing:

87 and 91 and then retirement from baseball for me with my homer hanky!!!

In other words, I’ve been a fan for a long time. :rofl: That’s all I was saying.

They are such pricks over there.

How do people have no shame like this.

I was at a Braves game this past year and gladly chopped

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This is totally unnecessary. The Braves have a great relationship with the Native American tribes. CNN is based out of Atlanta which is even more surprising. They should be ashamed! Chop On!

CNN and The Braves are both Turner companies. Odd

Turner sold the Braves a long time ago.

Yea- but they are siblings. Weird for them to go after them.

I don’t think it is - with everyone being offended by everything that’s a ton of their viewers.

It’s all unnecessary buddy…Wake up.