As an aside re: portal

Is there anything more corny and weird than…

Kids in the portal tweeting out their new “offers” from perspective schools? That just rubs me the wrong way. I mean…You’ve BEEN through recruiting once already. I do notice a lot of the top guys aren’t doing it. But I don’t understand the importance of attention at 20-22 years old. At 16-17 I can excuse it.

In away it just further speaks to what mindless sheep people have become in the social media world. They know nothing else.

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It’s a little cringey. Portal is free agency if you’re good. It’s business now, not high school.


I saw JT Daniels is now transferring to his fourth school? Wow.

This clout-chasing is ridiculous. It’d be interesting to see a longitudinal study (say over a 5-8 year span) to see how high school recruits and portal transfers who play these social media games v. those who don’t during the recruiting/portal process produce once in college.

I think those of us who follow recruit have generally developed the notion or the theory that kids who play these games flame out in college, but this is mostly anecdotal. If coaches are looking at intangibles, then this might be one of those variables to consider especially if the data supports the theory.

Kids can be talented, but if their priorities aren’t football then who the hell cares: the Hurricanes of 2022 are the poster children for just that.

Would be the same thing as the guy who changes jobs every 6-10 months. Can’t put roots down. Never makes it to the next level in the overwhelming amount of cases most likely.


Sadly, they have learned it from the guys in the NFL. Prime Time is a “prime” example. An elite talent, yes, but his mouth never shut up. It’s all attention seeking. It’s the guys running to the camera in the end zone sort of thing. College football will never be the same again.

I think there’s truth to it but like most things it starts at home with a strong set of parents.

My kids wouldn’t be allowed to dishonor commitments or make this process a public spectacle.