Any members missing?

I see most of everyone I know. Anyone missing?

Anyone not here, raise your hand.


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Shadow, Cata6, CaneBill, CaneInJersey are a few

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For some reason, I can’t log into my account any longer (panico)… I guess I’m “pot-committed” now. :neutral_face:

Sounds good, get the word out. I’m going to retire from there sometime…The old site has me holding on for a bit all sentimental like.

I just messaged Derek Dohrman too. He may have Shadows contact info too.

Anyway you can do a blast to everyone on

I posted in the main football forum and the storm shelter. I’m not sure I can do a blast to a bunch of people, but I’ll look. I’m not sure why Storm isn’t here yet. I talked to him over PM and he said he registered, but I don’t see that he ever did.

Raisincane was active at one time. Used to run the football game.


You should post a game day thread in the forum and only post a link to this sites game day thread.

305 beat me to it.