Is this the part where I make fun of you for citing Raw Story?

I thought you highbrows only source information from the crème de la crème?


says the guy who cites random people on twitter

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That’s the point I’m making :joy::joy:

You think Raw Story has some amazing credentialed journos?!

Unlike you I’ll read it and consider. I’m just showing you how dumb you al sound with the ad hominem approach.

Dude, you think CNN and anything not by a random guy on twitter or gateway pundit (who’s been cited as the dumbest man on the internet and one of the least trusted sources for years) is fake. Not a damn thing you opine about regarding sources means much

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I don’t find random guys on Twitter. I find guys on Twitter that have large followings that have posted verified info in the past. There’s a difference.

You post raw story and CNN, both that have histories of fake news.

You know, with the gravity you hold for ratings, rally attendance and social media following…the Titanic soundtrack outsold Abbey Road. That doesn’t mean it’s better music. Backstreet Boys outsold Wish You Were Here. By your logic, you should get all your news from Kim Kardashian…she has more followers than nearly anyone
Show me a fake raw story…I can find your fake stuff in seconds. It’s all about how Trump is president still and gateway pundit is real news.

Don’t you go knocking Celine.

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