Anti-vaxxers are a dying breed


That site is fucking disgusting…The left just cannot leave people alone. If someone in my family was not vaccinated and died/nearly died and I saw them on that site I’d end up in jail.

Yea- I don’t understand.

Are you going to pull up a list of people that ate too much and died of heart attacks?

Non seat belt wearers in car accidents?

Smokers who died of COPD?

We’ve always maintained there are risks.

We just acknowledge that we are free to make that decision AND we don’t know the unknown risks.

That might be an eye-opening project. Let me know when you get it off the ground.

Oh I acknowledge that same freedom.

Such dramatic attempts at humor while still obsessing over one’s irrational fears

I think the obsessives are the problem. I can’t believe anybody’s still worrying about masks.

Why do t you post these either?

Plenty of them out there

Is it because your not biased?

Because I’m not in denial about that. Hell, even the CDC is upfront about it.

Is it because they’re biased?

Me either…Imagine still thinking we need masks or that children should be in them. Pure insanity.

Imagine still complaining about masks. Pure insanity.

Here’s a good read.

But none of us are in denial about the vaccine.

We have good reasons to abstain.

Ahhh…When out of options imitate the guy you arguing with.

Why wouldn’t someone complain about a mask lol?

18 months in? Shut up and wear your mask? (Vaccine-there-if-you-want it be damned, every real world study of masks show very little to no difference in the spread in areas of different maskdom)

Masks are the new way of life huh?

You people are sick motherfuckers.

Better than being out of options and calling everybody a cunt. Happens a lot with you.

Fishing for stories. Disgusting.

Missed this one?


Doesn’t like these stories I guess

A friend of mine sent me this last night

Hard to determine what is and isn’t true nowadays.

I love how GSC criticizes when I post stuff like this, and then his favorite website in the world does it and he’s all in.

Yeah, man, airplanes are not an easy place right now. I would personally avoid them.