Always Trust Science

Counseling children is an important task. Below a mother gives good counsel to her daughter who is curious about sex.

The quote of the day comes from comedian Kevin Downey, Jr.

“STUPIDITY-O-RAMA! Biden is cool with kids deciding to have their penises surgically removed, yet one must be 18 to buy firecrackers, lest he blow a off a finger.”

Hands down. For once, Biden is a winner in a pissing contest.

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It’s all on Biden, failing in everything. Oil companies deserve to make a profit. That is the reason they exist. Investors deserve dividends. Under Trump, we were exporting energy. Failed leftist politics trying to blame the oil companies…

You’re as dishonest as ever.

Import sources Gross imports Exports Net imports
Total, all countries 8.47 8.63 -0.16
OPEC countries 0.96 (11%) 0.04 0.92
Persian Gulf countries 0.69 (8%) 0.01 0.67
Top five countries1
Canada 4.34 (51%) 0.84 3.50
Mexico 0.71 (8%) 1.16 -0.45
Russia 0.67 (8%) 0.00 0.67
Saudi Arabia 0.43 (5%) 0.01 0.42
Colombia 0.20 (2%) 0.12 0.08

I suspect, based upon your comments throughout, that you’ve been consistent throughout your life. Could be why you’re spending your days alone. Kudos, though. Hold onto that dishonesty and lack of integrity…I’m sure it’ll keep you warm as your time as a locust comes to a close in the coming years.