Alex Jones goes 10/10

100% victory!!!

If an appellate is pursued, which he is indicating, then we still have some time before executing the “finisher” (“Finish Him”).

How sweet this tastes so far tho.

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Lol warden already posted this. Why are you guys obsessed with Alex Jones? No one has cited the guy ever.

You guys are obsessed with Cuomo yet no one here champions him. If conservatives share every big anti-lib news item, this kind of stuff is fair play.

Alex Jones is screwed, as he should be. Lots of payouts in his future.

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There were defenders of him during covid…All that grandstanding…All that sending sick to LTC homes.

Trump did

Because, that would put them in harm’s way, right? Bad decision. Yet, you defend to your death Trump’s handling which directly put all of us in jeopardy down to his own team trying to alter CDC reporting

Because he’s the godfather of taking Republicans to lalaland. Once his snake oil infected your tiny brains, game over on rationality.

Alex Jones infected my brain huh?

I do t think ive ever watched a full episode of InfoWars (Jones’s voice is hard to endure more than a half hour).

I’ve watched clips of certain guests I was interested.

So I’m not sure who this comment is directed towards?

I watch all kinds of media…. Even leftist media. So whatever.

All the crazy conspiracy theorists whack jobs in your party. While you don’t align with them per se, the conservative ideology might be a better way to state.

No I don’t…Pretty neutral on it and point out it was no worse than 90% of the rest of the Western World. Definitely could have been better…Never said otherwise. I just realize there are other risks to the world and country besides covid. Carry on.

Lol…“Jeopardy”. Fuck outta here.

Also…Biden changed what constitutes a positive, so there’s always that.

Says a man proud to put his kid in a mask…

Ya you’re not a conspiracy theorist huh… Fucking idiot

Only a lunatic would believe masks are a conspiracy theory…obviously, never been to a hospital. I’m sure the doctors are just playing dress up in preparation for Halloween

Only a sick fuck would make a kid wear a mask over shit that can’t kill them. Fucking with kids because of your own delusional fear? What is wrong with you cowards? (assuming you’re not making a political statements which of course many of you assholes are)

But, you think making them have active shooter drills where they prepare to be murdered by a gun wielding classmate is just fine, doesn’t do any harm.

Unfortunately, you’re a casualty of Covid. You’ll never get over it. It consumes your being, Meltdown Mollie.


A virus straight wiped him out, mentally. Imagine having such a weak dick mind that you can’t handle a Lil tiny virus.

I handled it just fine…You sick sheep are the ones that wanna fuck kids over as a result of it.

Because of your own fear of a virus

Absolute commie fucking twats. Meltdown prone, overly dramatic, scared to death CUNTS

How do you know what I think you fucking cunt?

Emotionally warped, temper tantrum throwing, little cunts