Alabama vs Georgia on January 10th. WHO COULD HAVE FORSEEN THIS?

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How broken is college football? Can it ever be fixed again?

Rivals says “NO!” to this…

Don’t you think NIL has a chance to normalize things?

Not sure anything can stop the power programs who routinely round up 25 of the nation’s best kids every single signing day. But hey, at least Jackson State got a good player this year. :wink:

Oh and I forgot…it looks like Saban’s getting comfortable with the portal now too. Even though he said he’d never use it once upon a time. So in the rare circumstance where the Tide don’t have every single position covered + depth, they can go pull the player from another campus that they need. So glad Nick won’t ever be caught with a shortage. LOL!

There has always been a hierarchy in college sports. Some of the major schools may have shifted in importance over the years but the top football powers have been largely the same for 50+ years.

Aside from the early dominance of the Ivy League schools prior to 1920, the landscape has remained much the same since then with a few exceptions.

This should end the debate for adding teams to these playoffs.

Unless my math is wrong, the average margin of victory in the CFP semifinals since it was created is 20.8.

Maybe there is three teams deserving in a given year but there’s definitely not 3-5 additional teams that should be playing for a national title.