Alabama vs Clemson

Forgone conclusion at this point. That said, can Clemson score enough points?

HTF does ND get into the playoff? They got their ass handed to them yesterday.

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51… you’ve been a Miami fan long enough to know the answer to that. It’s ND. Those entitled MFers ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt. It’s about ratings and $$$$$

If it makes you feel any better, think about it this way. At least this season, as part of the ACC, they have to share the $ from their CFP appearance with the league instead of keeping it all to themselves… Having TWO ACC teams in the CFP means $$$$ for the league. All teams in the league benefit. That’s how I am trying to think about it… otherwise it would drive me nuts.

They need to bring the BCS back

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Why are you counting OSU out? I think they can play with anyone. What am I missing?

Might even be the “fresher” team with so many less games too.

Sadly, OSU* has a good squad. I do think it’s BS that the Big 10 changed their own rule about needing to play six games to get to the conf championship game - but hey - I get it. It’s all about money.

Best teams in the nation.




Well OSU gets their chance. They better show up and make a game of it.

ND gets ragdolled in a big game again. I know a lot of ND fans. They hate getting rolled. I mean who does? But they get rolled because they get pushed into bigger bowl games than they should for what their record would normally deem worthy.

I think Clemson beat ND so convincingly owing more to their defense than Lawrence who no doubt is probably the best QB in the game. Clemson’s defense played demonstrably betterr this second time around. Clemson appears to me too being the best team in the nation… Alabama gave up a lot of points to the Trask-led Gators. Amazing that Trask played second fiddle to D’eriq in high school. Apparently he has matured as a player.

Speaking of maturity, Matt Jones has also come along way, and is now competing for the Heisman. I think Lawrence will probably win it, but I’d like to see Devonta take the prize in stead. Devonta has been such a clutch player making many game winning receptions. Hate to see only QBs win the award.

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