Adam Favors Mass Incareration

A fellow whose sobriquet is “Adam” holds these thoughts to be true regarding mass incarceration and the reduction in violent crime.

Blockquote One of the more depressing realizations of recent years appears to be:

#1 The historic drop in violent crime from 1990 to 2019 was indeed caused directly by mass incarceration.

#2 Nothing else seems to work.

Clinton was right.

I should have said 1994. But this is a serious thing. The post-1994 tough on crime era did directly save many innocent lives.

There are a lot of women and children who did not die horrible violent deaths because the would be perps were in prison.

I think bail reform is the most misguided.

Once an offender is in a crime cycle, they tend to commit crimes almost daily until captured.

The idea that they should be arrested and immediately released is insane.

I don’t like mass incarceration in theory. At all.

But maybe the only altenative is an armed population, with a consistent policy of respect and support for individuals who shoot a criminal.

Vs. treating the self-defender as a criminal, which is what often happens in reality

Another thing certain states could do is pass really “bright line” laws on defense of self and others.

Not arm chair quarterback scrutiny of what innocent people do in the moment of threat by biased DAs.

If you shoot someone in act of felony, no further inquiry.

A lot of replies bringing up lead paint, abortion, and so forth.

Except they didn’t reintroduce lead paint around 2019.

Violent crime went up like a rocket precisely correlated with the recent criminal justice reforms.

If an experiment change status quo policy to release large numbers of criminals, and crime immediately goes up after being down for decades . . .

I think the default assumption is that the experiment caused it.

Burden of proof is on the proponents of the experiment.

Data would suggest “Adam” is a moron. Mass incarceration didn’t occur in other countries but the heavy drop in violent crime was most prevalent in Europe. If mass incarceration was the solution, it would have been required in the areas where the same drop in violent crime was experienced, like Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. A good study shows Canada and the US following similar crime drops but no increase in incarceration rates. Adam is simply a dick of a person and is praising mass incarceration.

See above.

Of course, you do. You’re a guy motivated by racial hatred and think you’re above minorities.

made up, no data or evidence to support this in any way

A lie, as usual

So, no due process or trial as guaranteed by our Constitution?

What if you attack a police officer with say, a metal pole or bear spray?

Perspective :

They did, however, have a series of economic disasters from the mid 2000s-2019 under Bush and Trump In fact, let’s take a more granular look, shall we? What states has the crime rate increased the most?


First, your assumption has been disproved handily. Second, your logic is bad…correlation doesn’t equal causation. But, your causation was proven full of shit…like your bullshit friend that doesn’t exist, Adam.

What about Eve?

I offered no commentary on this thread whatsoever; just posted Adam’s thoughts.

I am amazed at how you don’t choke on all the bullshit spewing from inside of you. You’re a weak fella, Bikks. Weak as fuck. Stand by your convictions and don’t be a bitch

Who else pictures him crying and clutching his chest when he writes this shit?

I posted Adam’s opinions on incarceration to elicit commentary. Instead, the commentary was directed at my perceived failings as well as the usual ad hominem insults. A perfect example of leftist hatred. As I’ve maintained consistently, hate and violence are most at home among leftists. What could be a more positive attitude than people wanting to Make America Great?

Criminals deserve punishment and victims deserve revenge. Unfortunately, rehabilitation in penal institutions works about as well as compensatory education programs. Adam was right that keeping thugs locked up precludes recidivism.