A Gift

The gift I prepped up for DallasCanes

The dookies are your team?

No, he’s just giving him crap because of Saturday.

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Nope. But, my mother’s side of the family are the same Duke’s who started the University, then Duke Energy, etc. Kind of…my lineage is the uncle of Washington Duke (Washington Duke and his son James Buchanan Duke started Duke U), Robert Duke and his line down. Also, my wife has a niece going there now.

Embarassing for UM as usual. I didn’t even know the game was being played. When I did my nightly scoreboard check I saw and was like wtf.

Completely see where Warden’s white guilt comes from now.

@Warden84 May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch.

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Quite revealing, again, that you feel any acknowledgement of racism is considered white guilt to you.

It is quite a family…ours left to GA long before they started the first American Tobacco Trading Company, victim of the first antitrust laws in the US, and then started the university. That company became the big 3 tobacco companies after the breakup. No money down our line…but, what a sorted tale for that other lineage…all the way down to Doris Duke, her lunatic son, and then the money lands on 2 twin kids who were raised by a cocaine addled billionaire who treated them like dogs. I believe, they still couldn’t speak a full language when he died and they were about 7 or 8. Dunno, read a Rolling Stone article about them once.

But, if I was going to feel bad about the Duke lineage, there is a LOT in there…tons of it having nothing to do with race. You should read about Duke Energy and the waste sites. Terrible stuff

I know them well.

I’m sorry. I didn’t do it. I have more Duke Energy guilt than white guilt.