75% of COVID deaths

Occurred in people with FOUR- that’s right - 4 comorbidities.

Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) Tweeted:
The CDC director just said over 75% of “covid deaths” occurred in people with at least four comorbidities. Since Biden can’t shut down covid, suddenly all this data is getting shared publicly. https://twitter.com/_BarringtonII/status/1480363778818641931/video/1 https://twitter.com/ClayTravis/status/1480542490897887235?s=20

The jig is up. Storm, GSC, Skeeter, bikki and other were right months ago.

Time for you guys to admit it.

They are slowly changing the narrative and giving us the truth.

Time to get back to real life.

This was all induced fear.

Easier link:

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People got suckered.

They love those one off cases of the semi healthy person that died though. The 1 in 1000 type stuff.

This is what most of us saw well over a year ago.

The sheep were still hanging on though. Hang on to that narrative.


Even Biden trying to snap progressive morons out of their covid cult.

They report to you, what they want/when they want/how they want. Remember that

He who controls cycle threshold (what constitutes a positive), the context in which covid is reported, and the context in which paths of mitigation with similar outcomes are reported…Has controlled way too much in this country and world for nearly 2 years now

Only said this 5000 times on this message board alone

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It’s so quiet in here @skeeter !!

Why is that!?


Oh, it’s quiet here, is it?

Are you guys blindly agreeing to this lady’s point then? Finally you want to listen to what the CDC is saying, and all of you posting here, GSC, skeet, and Indiana, seem to be putting stock in the message, right?

Great. You’re wrong yet again, GSC. This is what happens when you get your news from twitter.

And I’ll tell you why you’re wrong. But first you need to promise not to call it semantics, because what you’re saying is not the truth. It’s different, not semantics, got it?

Okay, here’s why you’re wrong.

The CDC director DID NOT say 75% of all covid deaths had 4 co-morbidities.

The CDC director say 75% of all covid deaths AMONG THE VAXXED had 4 co-morbidities.

Big difference!!!

In other words, the vaccine works!!! Wow, I imagine all 3 of you, who put so much stock in what this lady is saying, will finally agree to what everyone’s been saying for the last year. THE VACCINE WORKS!!!

Phew. That wasn’t so hard guys, was it?

:joy: :rofl: :rofl:

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PsilocyBen calls bullshit on your and her spin spin. :joy::joy:

Most COVID deaths (go look at the tables) follow this same pattern.

By the way- it’s amazing that she can say(if that’s what she really was saying) that the vaxxed have 4 comorbidities and we’re going to die any way and you eat it up but we’ve been saying that about all covid deaths and you called it incidental.

What gives? Why the change in importance of comorbidities? Now they suddenly matter when you’re vaxxed?

FOH with that shit.

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Look at the emotion in this 305 cat…What in the living fuck are these idiots are cheering for? My god is the covid cult strong.

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Full backout mode. It’s amazing. These fuckers are saying the same shit we were saying during the hysteria.

305 is like most folks and doesn’t want to be wrong on this.

He sees that the truth is coming out and it’s clearly frustrating him because he’s followed the science for so long and probably thought the measures California was putting in place were worthwhile.

No one wants to realize they’ve been hoodwinked.

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They’ll fight until the narrative completely turns on them. And then they’ll deny they advocated these points of view.

They already have amnesia about masks.

I watched a debate where the healthcare professional made the best point about masks…

Forget microns and all that stuff… even a full n99 can’t be worn more than 2 hours because you create so much bacteria and virus banks in the mask that it becomes counter productive causing other disease and infection.

OSHA mandated surgeons replace masks every 2 hours because even in sterile operating environments they were finding patients getting infections …. How?! The surgeon would wear a mask for over two hours straight, and when he/she leaned over the patient to work, would infect them.

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Me personally, I’m tired of what Covid has done to this country. Not only healthwise, but socially as well. It’s crystal clear to me that 99% of the population will probably catch Covid sooner or later, vaccinated or not. I blame both of the major political parties for how this virus/vaccine became so politicized. It doesn’t matter who is in office, this virus was going to do what it was going to do. I’m adamantly opposed to a vaccine mandate. I feel 100% that is should be a choice. I got the vaccine because I work with general public and I wanted to do what I felt was best to protect myself and my family. That said, it was my choice. I wasn’t pressured, I did it of my own free will. Everyone should be allowed that same privilege to choose. It’s time that we achieve herd immunity. I understand in the beginning we took measures to try to mitigate the spread. 2 years in now, it’s clear that nothing was going to stop the spread. Covid is doing what a virus does; change. I have no interest in the me being right & you being wrong nonsense. Why? It’s not going to change current situation. It’s time, been time, for everyone to do what’s in their best interest to protect themselves and the ones they love. It’s also time to stop disrespecting those who choose methods different from the ones that you may choose. Just like you are exercising your choice, allow other people to exercise theirs.

Here’s the full, unedited version

She’s talking specifically about vaccinated people during December through October in the context of Omicron in response to the AMA’s claiming the 5 days is too little.


The clip went viral in part because many interpreted the comments to mean that 75% of all COVID deaths were among those with several comorbidities. Later, though, a CDC spokesperson clarified to Fox News that Walensky was referring to deaths among those who had been vaccinated.

So why don’t they say how many of the unvaccinated had co-morbidities as well?

Seems like that would be useful information.

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For sure, wasn’t in the study though. It was directly in response to the AMA arguing the CDC’s measures for Omicron are too light.

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Oh yea? Why didn’t she include unvaxxed in the analysis?

I know why…. Because it’s the same fucking numbers the vaccine is shit!

I’m sure there is a study on the unvaxxed too. Go find it. lazy bitch

You mean Trump’s vaccine?

I’m sorry, who?

And how did he disprove what the CDC director said? He didn’t even address it???

What? I didn’t say that…

She said 75% of vaxxed covid deaths have 4+ co-morbidities, so if you are healthy and vaxxed you shouldn’t freak out. I believe that was her message, anyway. It’s hard to tell from a 17 second clip.

Many co-morbidities are common. high bloodpressure, diabetes, overweight. If you have these you should be aware.

The “change” is that being vaxxed better protects you. And if you’re paying attention, that has been a consistent message from the start. So no change.

What emotion you idiot? GSC made a stupid claim that was factually incorrect and I fixed it. you other idiots who joined in should do some research before piling on.


LMAO that you guys spin spin spin in the face of the truth. you can’t make this up.

Be sure to let me know when that happens, because it hasn’t happened yet.


Nah, he’d rather

  1. Be wrong
    and then
  2. Assume he’s right without data

These guys are laughable.

GSC is the fucking king of posting sources that disprove his claim. It’s really amazing, when you think about it.

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