7 MSU Players Charged

I wonder what would have happened to Miami/FIU players if that had happened today…

I see a pretty big difference. The Miami/FIU players had the choice to head back to their sidelines or keep fighting. The Michigan kids were simply trying to get to their locker room. It was also mid-game vs after the game. That said, any player using a helmet against another should be charged.

Imagine Miami did this? Life in prison for all of them lol .

I mean this got a lot of attention. If Miami did it they’d be calling for the death penalty again.

Surely you meant MSU (Michigan State University).

MTSU is Middle Tennessee State University. When I saw the headline I thought …“7 MTSU players charged?? Charged for what… aggravated assault and battery they perpetrated on Miami at Hard Rock. Stadium??”

LOL. Thanks for pointing that out. PTSD from that train wreck of a game. :joy: