60% Of Hospitalized Are FULLY VACCINATED



Remember the nurse who called the vaccine “shit.” She may well be right. What good is a vaccine that doesn’t work? Why are believers in the vaccine worried so about the unvaccinated when they are allegedly protected?

The proof of the pudding will be when cold weather ascends on the nation. I believe inadvertently we have may made the biggest medical error in history. If people start dying en masse this winter, the libs surely will blame it on seasonal influenza, the same malady that strangely disappeared last year.

When the ex Vice President of Pfizer who was Chief Scientific Officer has doubts about the efficacy of the vaccine, it’s time to worry. Why take a vaccine when most people are easily cured and then have better immunity many times over. Giving children the vaccine I think is criminal. Treatment of Covid is also questionable. The key to its cure is early treatment, not wiating, letting the virus multiply, then going to the hospital to die attached to a ventilator which isn’t going to work because the virus stops the blood’s capacity to take up oxygen. What good is forced oxygen therapy if the blood is not functioning correctly. BTW, Dr. Yeadon, the Pfizer VP to which I alluded above says Ivermectin works. The Covid pandemic is the first pandemic in history where we are locking away the healthy. Throw your mask away. 250,000 viruses can fit through the smallest pore in your mask. If you want less oxygen and more carbon dixoxide in your blood, be a goof and wear a mask. Masks are however helpful in robbing jewelry stores. Snatch and grab. Lastly, Djrion is a cunt just in case the message hasn’t gotten out.


That the page was taken down? Is there a new story on GWP?

Seems a bit far fetched from what I’m hearing from doctors. I don’t know what the actual percentages are but it seems a lot of the folks in really bad shape are ones not vaccinated.

But there are a lot of vaccinated folks in the hospital, and I think that group of folks is being undersold to the public.

Who knows what the actual percentages are. I don’t trust the numbers.

I heard one oncology doctor talk about all the strange things he’s seeing with his cancer patients right now. He’s skeptical of the vaccine and some of the side effects.