50 Christians killed in Nigerian Church shooting

Islamist militants posed as Christians and shot up a Catholic Church. Biden just removed Nigeria from the terror watch list.

Christians are the most persecuted religion worldwide.

That’s horrible.
They were removed in 2021, as opposed to “just” and it was the Religious Freedom CPC list (countries of particular concern) as opposed to the terrorist watch list, but still…I get your point.

Facts were never their strong suit.

And spelling was never yours.

Never one to address the actual topic when it doesn’t fit your agenda, are you?

I think it is terrible and we should ban guns in Nigeria too.

If I chased down every story in depth, Id never get anything done. Sounds like you got this one under control.

Christians have also murdered more people than any other group in the world too.

Spelling adjusted, sorry I post everything on my phone and it is a royal PITA.

I wasn’t around ya’ll in 2015, but I am SURE Indiana posted about the Nigerian massacre of the Shia Muslims in Zaria, being a man of honor and all that. Terrible stuff in Nigeria

I don’t recall that story, but that’s a terrible massacre as well.

My point wasn’t that I’m trying to find every incident that fits my narrative, but that Christians being the most persecuted religious group in the world today is an underreported story. And this is an example of the atrocities perpetrated against Christians in another part of the world. And Biden removed this country from a list of concern.

Blame Biden!!!





I am curious about something -

Are any or all of the following Christians?

Jehovah’s Witness
Pentecostal snake handlers
Prosperity Gospel Preachers

What’s your point?

Several from that list are but I don’t know about all.

Just curious is all. Who’s Christian and who’s not? In the 90s and before, it was much more of a conversation topic, who’s in and who’s out. I thought it was interesting

I’d have to research a bit.

All of them are xtians.

Mormons are heretical as they don’t believe in the trinity. They also believe in the Book of Mormon which is a heresy and not recognized by any other Christian denomination.

Jehovas - no. They deny the divinity of Christ and claim he is the creature Archangel Michael incarnate. Therefor they also deny the trinity.

Baptists are technically Christians. They believe in the trinity and thereby the divinity of Jesus…. However their heresy lies in denying works aka the sacraments as revealed by Christ to the Apostles. There are also some baptists that have other heresies built in such as the rapture. They don’t believe in Mary’s special position and being sinless. They don’t believe in intercession…. Etc.

Same with Pentecostals. They are ultra dependent on the Holy Spirit and tongues and deny the sacraments and intercession.

Could go down the line but you get the idea. The Catholic Church, through councils, have “revealed truth” which is set in stone and cannot be altered. These other sects deny these truths.

Additionally, most of them believe in sola scriptura (If it’s not in the Bible it cannot be true). This is a heresy. John says in 21:25

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

Catholics and Orthodox rightly teach traditions that were passed down to them from the apostles that we can actually see in early writings such as Justin Martyr when he writes about the Mass they performed (this is 2nd century).

Obviously I say all of this as a Catholic.

As a person trained in the sciences, I refuse to accept as truth what I perceive as myths invented by mankind. Further I believe religion is one of mankind’s worst invention. I have a special distaste for Islam because it engenders terrorism and is an insult to half the human race. I consider myself a Jew, because I come from family of numerous rabbis despite having a father whose profession was that of being a professional gambler. I never go to temple, and the only synagogues I’ve entered have been as a tourist admiring architecture. I once lost a Fulbright Grant on account of my lineage, so my Jewish ascendancy his been validated.

I see religion fading away as time passes. People perceive truth as did the naked emperor finally did in the old children’s tale. If humans don’t first destroy the world, they will cease to be the creatures that they are today. I’ve speculated they may become immortal robots. Also, they could turn out to be superior mutated beings, but religion will ultimately be left behind. I wonder if liberals will persuade manufacturers to create human robots as male and female and what skin hues would be available.

Other than beautiful Lisa, few of my friends are believers. None of my friends working in the sciences are religious. They politely refuse to engage in religious discussions, not wishing to offend others. If being religious salves your wounds or makes you happy, then I am glad it fulfills a need in your life.

Super interesting.

So the Church of God, Living Church of God, Christian Scientists…those who don’t believe in the Trinity are no gos?

What about the prosperity preachers?

Would the Baptists, Methodists, essentially all Jews, Muslims, and non-Catholic Christians go to hell? Faith, works, faith plus works, faith plus sacraments?

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I want this conversation, not argument, conversation. What sacrements are you referring to?


Sir, I believe he is referring to the 7 sacraments:

How tempted I find myself wanting to write a diatribe against Islam. Islam means supplication to dogma. No wonder some of you guys are so completely taken in by propaganda. 305 who occasionally displays paranormal intelligence is completely off the beam believing Ukraine is roundly defeating the strongest land army on earth. Why don’t you guys page over to the site called The Religion of Peace for an update on Islamic activities throughout the world. You’ll find a weekly record of atrocities committed in the name of Allah.