#3 Class

After a few recruits received an additional star after NSD, Miami ended up with the #3 class in the nation by 247. Not bad for a 7-5 team.

Are these post-NSD stars just to tweak class rankings or are they legit?

I’d say there were legit? Their ratings were recently upgraded based on their senior seasons/latest evaluations. Elite and Skeeter are more knowledgeable about this because they follow it closely.

#3, #5, etc…I really don’t pay enough attention to rankings for it to matter to me

I know Lightfoot from first practice to the actual all-star game itself really tore up the AA scene. So his 5th star sounds legit. I will do a quick class grade soon.


Does it really matter what the class ranking is. Dont we lose games to teams with lower class rankings.

A team of good players who play great together can beat a team of great players who play good together.

I judge classes based on balance. Miami hit their needs at almost every position. Maybe CB - you would have liked to have landed one elite guy but if you win up front the back end does not have to be as good.


I can’t argue it’s a good class. The main thing is, you keep stacking these, and something will come out of it.

Back to #4 after Oregon added a 5 star receiver.

Miami took another QB today? Nikao “Niko” Smith from the JAX area (Yulee HS).
Also played in the Atlanta area and his team won the Georgia 5A championship in 2022.

Couldn’t find much on him.

Not clear on whether he is on scholarship or he is a preferred walk on.

I spent time taking a look at Niko Smith. I didn’t explore his play in Georgia, but at Yulee, he played on a pass oriented team against weak competition. His mechanics look good. He has a pretty fast release which needs to be quickened, and exhibited nice touch on lengthy completions. Obviously, a smart kid, he maintains a better than 4.00 GPA. Under Niko’s stewardship, Yulee went 9-3.

My concern about him pertains to a mediocre completion average and too many interceptions. Obviously, his team was a pass happy one, and stats reveal that he may have forced a lots of passes since his team had paltry rushing stats.

All in all, I like the take. Being scholarly is a real plus. I think this kid can be coached up, and turn out to be a good QB, better certainly than either Brown or Williams. His films showed evidence of poise, and if there is anything the Miami Hurricanes need on offense, it is poise.

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Don’t sleep on Emory Williams. Laugh if you want but against Clemson and FSU I was impressed.

There is all of this stupid debate by Stephan A and his crew about game manager vs game changer…to the point of that “debate” I see Emory as a game manager and there is nothing wrong with that. Dorsey was a game manager. Whoever is behind center (obviously, Ward this year) just needs to manage the game, so to speak, and get the ball to our playmakers. Purdy does the same thing and, at times, will up his game to help win a game. I just really like Williams.

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He is a preferred walk on

Watched the kids highlights. Seems to be pretty good on the big stage. Grades are not the issue. What am I missing?