12-Year-Old Incest Victims Should Birth Dad’s Child, House Speaker Gunn Says

Yea we’ll- even I wouldn’t support this. This is extreme. It doesn’t represent the majority of pro-life proponents.

Are you sure? By what measure?

I can go find all red states if you’d like but you get the picture.

Were not puritans. Most pro-lifers understand that bad shit happens and that tough choices have to be made? Yes.

But we also recognize that like 90% of abortions are elective and used as birth control.


Your polls don’t show anything about pro-lifers. Nothing at all. Your first poll is about Texans in general. Your second poll, again, is about everyone, not pro-lifers…in TN. You just don’t have a shred of fucking integrity at all. What a joke.

So dishonest…at your core, just a fucking liar

More made up bullshit.

Again, a fucking liar to your core

Here ya go, lying fuckstick.


Lmao- and you are telling me that Prolifers wouldn’t be evenly represented lol . Knock it off already.

Yes, 100%. You’re being dishonest and/or a moron. You pro-lifers are in the minority, the vast minority. To pretend that your views align evenly with everyone else is disingenuous and flat out moronic.

We’ve shown time and time again how pro-lifers think - they’re appear to be all aboard to no exception line. Find me a poll from pro-lifers and we’ll talk. Pretending you’re like everyone else is, again, a lie.

We’re actually not. Al depends how you ask the question. There are varying degrees of prolifers.

Some are at conception no exceptions.

Some are first trimester

Some are a little later.

You’re just simply wrong and use an umbrella term to blanket everyone.






Awww, that’s rich! How typical of a guy like you to take this stance.

You all went over and over again about abortion is killing babies and should be banned.

13 GOP states banned it out-right

When the mother’s life is in danger? How do you feel?

Not any of you said a single word about a “measured” response. You called it murder. You said when it came to the life of the mother, fuck her.

No integrity, whatsoever.

This is why I don’t hate pro-lifers. This is a stance I can respect, I can understand where you are coming from, even if I personally disagree.

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Except that his rationale and by extension, yours, is a bold face fucking lie

I think you’re getting hung up on the words “birth control.” Your source is discounting abortion as a PRIMARY method, but it is still birth control.

If you are aborting to save a life, or due to a defect, aka GSC’s “shit happens”, I wouldn’t consider that birth control. If you are aborting simply because you don’t want a baby, that is the definition of birth control.

Anyway, I’m not hung up with his 90% number either. I get his position and I can understand why he has it.

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Exactly, thank you.