100 Days

In about 100 days, Miami plays Bama

How many points do the Canes lose by???

I don’t see less than 10 points as a realistic possibility.
Victory seems as likely as me winning the Heisman.

I’m thinking 30+ but hoping for better.

  • By 10 To 20
  • By 21 To 30
  • More Than 30

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Is it being played in Miami?

I tend to agree either way.


Tough to vote without knowing who the QB will be. King at near full speed gives Miami a far better chance of keeping it close. No King= 30 plus.

I hope they pass a 16 team play off as it will give teams like Miami something to play for even after losing 1-2 games.

Will be played in ATL, so yeah, basically a Bama home game.

We MIGHT hang around early, but let’s not kid ourselves. This team has the potentially be better - maybe even compete for the ACC title if we get some lucky bounces.

But Bama will continue to be an NFL team until Saban hangs up the spurs.

It’d be a really good sign if we lost to them close.

i’d be impressed if we can keep their lead to under 3 TDs entering the 4th.

It’s one of those Atlanta home games for the Tide. They were a 17.5 point favorite when I checked two weeks ago. Now they’re a 19 point favorite so the money’s coming in on them. I just hope we avoid the 52-6 USC treatment.

I think we’ll play them tough early, maybe even jump ahead with a trick play or two. Once the depth of the Bama roster takes over they will eventually pull away from us. Hopefully not too bad. I just don’t want to see Miami give up.