Why would the Biden Administration

Cancel Operation Talon, a law enforcement operation designed to go after human traffickers. To save children and return them to their families.

Can someone explain that to me?

So they can feed their baby eating ring, duh

Any serious guesses crooked goatee?

I haven’t heard about this. A quick search tells me:

ICE officials also canceled Operation Talon, a nationwide operation targeting sex offenders subject to deportation that had been planned in the final weeks of the Trump administration, emails show.

A senior ICE official said the Biden administration had nothing to do with that decision.


Even the FOX NEWS article I skimmed never claimed that the Biden admin shuttered the program, just that AGs were urging Biden to reopen it.

Other than that, I don’t know.

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Yeah, weird one. I’m guessing it shuttered with some other directive to shutter something else. Have no idea. I would be interested in finding out tho.