Who is antifa?


The people that tried to burn down an occupied court house in Portland.

Also, seemingly 1 out of every 2.5ish that were arrested (and set 3) have a sex offense, many of the underage variety.

Feel free to ask any other questions comrade.

A leftist group that pushes anarchy.

One that the media wants you to believe doesn’t exist but it clearly wreaks havoc in our cities.

I don’t think they actually push anarchy. I think that’s the distraction they are meant to create.

Anarchists don’t care about inequality. They don’t care about social issues. They don’t care about LGBTQIA+…

All of those issues above are only achievable in a society.

They are the pretorian guard of the establishment. They are sent in when the establishment has a goal to fulfill or a narrative to distract from.

They are pawns used to effect policy change. They tenderize the meat before it’s thrown into the fire.

Watching DJ’s propaganda film you’d think Sir Winston and George S. Patton were Antifa members. Ridiculous video.