The Biden White House

Biden’s admin is a joke

So was Trump’s. Turned it over more than once, had great things to say when he hired them, then excoriated them as they left.

Great leadership.

WhAt AbOuT???

Why bring up Trump? This is about Biden and his administration.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

Why bring up Trump and his White House? It’s a simple question.

Why the need to deflect and point elsewhere?

I can ask the exact same question.

You and others deflected most of the time when posts about Trump’s admin came up. Hell you excoriated and made fun of those who were simply trying to do the right thing - but it didn’t matter - because Trump didn’t like it.

So yeah - some of Biden’s admin are odd….who cares?

I did? I don’t recall as I was never all in on Trump but preferred him over Hilliary and Biden.

Again, you seem overly sensitive about all of this. Why the need to deflect beats me, but whatever helps ease your conscience for supporting Biden and his lot.

Enjoy your evening

I don’t really care. I only do what y’all did during the Trump years. You know. The things you all did to justify electing that clown. And he proved it. Clearly.

So nothing Biden or his administration does is worth talking about? It’s four years of talking about Trump when we have things going on in this country?

Seems like a waste of time.

Actual image of 51 analyzing the Biden admin

I say the same with you about Trump.