Storm and GSC - right again

Affidavit showing protester at Capitol talking about “having to remove Trump” from office.

Sounds real MAGA right?

@Stormfront - air high five my dude :raised_back_of_hand:t2:

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LOL. Sworn affidavits don’t mean anything, and even if someone did say that, it doesn’t excuse the THOUSANDS of Trump supporters at the capital who broke in chanting “hang Mike pence.”

I also didn’t see any riot at the White House.

Got anything else? :laughing:

They mean you go to jail if they can prove you lied.


That means no one would ever dare do such a thing! :laughing:

It’s only day one in court buddy. Lots more will be coming out soon.

You guys got duped yet again.

How many more times will you let them do it?

Where have I read that before?

Are you gonna start another Tickey Tockey thread? If you do don’t steal that from Storm. Come up with something original. :laughing:

Nevermind the numerous alt right idiots who’ve all been arrested already. To you, they’re patriots!

Would you do it?

Would anyone close to you that you know we’ll do it?

Yeah- me either. Stop being stupid. Very very very few people tell material lies on an affidavit. It’s explained to them before they sign it what the consequences are.

No, I wouldn’t. But you know what? Some crazy Trump supporter drove from Colorado to DC with Molotov cocktails and 2,500 rounds of ammo. Would I do that? No. But someone else did.

Jesus you’re naive.

Funny you say that while also defending people who’ve been arrested for federal felonies.

Trump went to the White House. Where was the riot there?

And there you have it.

Oh look look!

Another liar!

LOL. You ignored 98% of my post.

Lots of sworn affidavits of voter fraud too. How’d that go? :laughing:

Bad day for you 51.

You truly are stupid.

If this is true (after all, it came from the Gateway Pundit), good. He should be arrested. And tried, and convicted if guilty.

I never said there weren’t posers in the crowd.

But you latch on to ONE guy and you try to argue that it was all left.

What about all those extreme right protesters that have already been arrested? You’ve never commented or condemned them.

Get back to me on that.

Mark me as right then too, right?

I agreed I’d be surprised if no radical leftists were there too (though I specifically said antifa).

Of course leftists were there. Just don’t ignore the overwhelming deluge of evidence of all the rightists who were there.

Let the back peddling and obfuscation commence! :joy::joy:

Backpeddling would change my stance.

Did I or did I not agree from the beginning that of course some antifa was present?

@thre305ive - knock it off. You’re making it seem as though

  1. There was a negligible amount of Antifa (they had a fucking camera man there being escorted by police for Christ’s sake).

  2. That they weren’t they ultimate precipitators and agitators.

But for antifa’s involvement and shenanigans, aided by law enforcement, the raid would not have occurred.

I repeat, the raid would not have occurred.

For Christ’s sake… the moment DJT commanded his people to disperse they were gone within moments… they probably cleaned up behind themselves while doing it.

MAGA is utmost class. You know that. Stop being silly.

Grab ‘em by the pussy!

Gonna put a slug in cunt Pelosi’s noggin!

Yep. Classy alright.

CNN reporter storming the Capital.

“We did it”

And there’s more