So Fl Top 40 for '25

  1. Cortez Mills WR, Homestead
  2. Koby Howard WR, Chaminade
  3. Floyd Dawens-Boucard DT, Central
  4. Waden Charles WR/ATH PB Central (UM)
  5. Byron Louis RB, Plantation AH
  6. Xavier Thomas, CB, Plantation AH
  7. Bryce Fitzgerald S, Columbus
  8. Ty Jackson LB, Seminole Ridge
  9. Ben Hanks CB, BTW
  10. Randy Adrika DT, Central


  1. Kiandarea Parker RB, Central
  2. Amari Wallace DB, Central
  3. Josh Moore WR, West Broward
  4. Chris Ewald CB, Chaminade
  5. Ezekiel Marcelin LB, Central
  6. Davion Dixon DT, Palmetto
  7. Deandre Desinor RB/ATH, Atlantic
  8. Ne’Shaun Montgomery WR, Central
  9. Tony Williams S, PB Central
  10. Tywan Cox DB, Northwestern


  1. Jett White CB, Edison
  2. Kamare Williams WR, PB Central
  3. Seiku Smith DB, Central
  4. Antonio Branch S, Northwestern
  5. Romando Johnson Edge, Monarch
  6. Anthony Smith, DT Chaminade
  7. Bekkam Krista QB, Central
  8. Kha’leal Sterling WR, Central
  9. Daryl Desir DE, Norland
  10. Tavius Horne CB, STA


  1. Jade Card WR/ATH, Northwestern
  2. Samari Reed ATH, Monarch
  3. Trevor Sommers DE, STA
  4. Kyle Washington WR, Chaminade
  5. Deangelo Thomson, DE Central
  6. Jonathan Carter S, Flanagan
  7. King Davis RB, Central
  8. Ennio Yapoor QB/ATH, Norland
  9. Manny Desir LB/Edge, Norland
  10. Max Redman S, Cardinal Newman

Others: R.Towns WR, BTW…C.Harris. OL, STA…B.Thomas DE/LB, Carol City…W. Telemaque OL/DL, Monsignor Pace…R.Scott DE, STA…S.Joseph RB/ATH, Edison…N.Bolden WR, PB Central…X. Scott DB, Cardinal Newman…J.Lewis RB/ATH, Chaminade…Y.Lore LB, N.Miami…K.Seyjour Nickle, Chaminade…S.Circo QB, Western…B.Auguste OL, Monarch…M.Pointer DE, Chaminade

one initial thought…'24 started a little rebound for Palm Beach county…And it seems like continuing even better in '25…


Big loss for UM with Blount…Who is now officially changing classes. I will make an adjustment to each year Sofla list

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FSU playing so well right now is a problem for Miami. Have to win the majority of the remaining games and show promise.

Bump. Some school movement, along with the reclassification of Blount and A.Williams (#1 and #2 on the list)

Expanded to 30.

Transfer season already started…Couple kids above to Miami Northwestern with the hiring of Bridgewater.

Deandre Desinor ended up at Delray Atlantic according to the coach there.

This year Mario must prove he’s a better game day coach. Living down the Georgia Tech debacle will not be easy. IMO, winning in college football means mastery of the SHORT passing game, maintaining control of the football, dominating time of possession. This means winning first down and staying ahead of the sticks. Not a single game should we see a half dozen or more LONG downfield incomplete passes. Far safer to see yards gained after SHORT completions.

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*Floyd Boucard- Miami Central-DT - skeeter this is a prospect to know. He was very impressive at UA camp. He is from Canada and now has transferred to Miami Central. He is the class of 2025.

Derreck Cooper out of Chaminade - RB class of 2026 really stood out.


Bumped up to 40…Miami Central leading the way with 11 kids including 6 of the top 20. (and who knows they probably aren’t done with transfers there)

Miami Central just added a top back from Missouri.

Miami Central just added a top back from Missouri.

Is it Parker from Texas? Or someone totally different?

Kinadrea Barker

Derek Cooper from Chaminade - Class of 2026 will be the next star back from South Florida. He just looks and moves different then other top backs.

Yup, already on the list for a few weeks now…Thanks.

Committed to PSU last I saw.