Skeeter, gsc


For a guy who all but begged us to “put our asses on the line” and go into a bet that Biden would not be sworn in on 1/20, you sure haven’t lived up to your promise if you lost.

Nothing worse than a man who won’t honor a bet - especially one he initiated.

You lost.

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Covid has been milked every way possible…And numbers manipulation does happen.

And there are entities making a fortune off of it while some of you strap on that 2nd and 3rd mask.

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Storm’s article is fake news. It claims you could be counted as having covid for “only having a cough.” It claims this meets the CDC’s clinical diagnosis.

However, when clicking through to their link, the CDC says:

Surveillance case definitions are not intended to be used by healthcare providers for making a clinical diagnosis

So already we catch in a lie.

Then you look at the criteria they listed, and they only show the “clinical” criteria, but don’t show “laboratory” and “epidemiologic” criteria. Then you see that a case that meets CLINICAL AND EPIDEMIOLOGIC is only determined to be a PROBABLE case of covid.

A CONFIRMED case of covid still requires a lab test.

So, basically, do a few minutes of research instead of being duped by clickbait headlines.

I didn’t read his article…I know and agree with the gist of it. The premise is true even if certain aspects are exaggerated.

I can tell.

You’re a cutie pie…I didn’t need to.

Of course you didn’t.

You know what Biden means even though you never listen to his words.

You know what the article claims is true even if you don’t read it.

Your mind is already made up even if you never use it.

It’s what makes everything you say so easy to refute.

Yet you’ve embarrassed yourself 90% of the time trying to refuse so.

Why would you listen to Joe Biden’s words. Please answer. I gotta hear this.

Because his words are much more believable than Trump’s words?

You’ve embarrassed yourself with nearly every post you make, bro. But keep stomping your feet and saying it ain’t so. It’s charming.

What does believable matter? If they still prove to be false or non-pertinent. Little liberal cheerleading sheep…Runs around clinging to and believing Biden’s words.

Ok “bro”…And don’t call me charming .I don’t get down like that.


Well, now you’re just turning me on…

Oh wait, sorry, that was my cell phone on vibrate.

That’s that pure homo shit.

Exactly. Love how the headline is always the hook, line and sinker for the peabrains. Sometimes when you click their bait, it is a paragraph and then 98% ads lolololol

This is ironic.

Sure it is fuckboy…That’s what we’re doing here. Posting 98% ads