Roster Breakdown…Up to Date 5-22…Ranking UM's roster imo

I don’t think it’s filling a roster spot…I’d agree with you that numbers are fine.

I think the issue is talent, and the rumors that Citizen that doesn’t look the same. I’m not a huge Allen fan, I was excited when he came in but he didn’t impress me last year.

DE Nyjalik Kelly to portal

That one stings a little, had high hopes for him. But he supposedly wants to be a starter now. Flashed as a frosh, injuries as a sophomore. Was #18 on my up to date list.

Kaleb Spencer portal…Liked him when we recruited him but the fact we moved him from safety to LB, shows he was a step slow. Bit of a tweeter

Updated through 4/19…He and Citizen were in the future prospects category

JHH is a big portal loss…I had him in top group #9

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More bad news…

Wayne (#23m second tier) joins JHH and Kelly.

I’m not a fan of any of these losses, and hopefully we can replenish

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Any sense if there’s an issue with coach Taylor? I’d guess not. But lots of DL heading for the door. Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw this time around. Maybe the coaches need to do a better job of identifying prospects? And/or those who won’t bolt as rising sophomores? Who knows.

Miami signed a big DL class along with portal additions. This is what happens. There is no loyalty anymore.


Updated this list for 3 nice portal additions this weekend including a top 20ish portal player Martinez.

Fully pdated going into Summer…There is a chance UM still adds a DB portal, but I would say it is more than likely we don’t.

We are currently at 86 schollies, unless the long snapper isn’t on schools than we are at 85.

I still would be mildly shocked if more than 1 of Redding, Balom, Nelson on team for next year.

Current Position group grades imo…


S B (Including Powell here)

**Freshman are taken into account, but upperclassmen weighted more heavily…

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I assume the Horton at 26 is the WR? no love to DT Horton?

No true freshmen on the list but given it was a full class of 27, the 41 player you listed are out of 58-59 total available players. Not the worst of ratios - especially since quite a few of the incoming frosh are suppose to be future studs

DT Horton is in the “unknowns/prospects” category

Yes, #26 is Horton, and in retrospect, may be a touch low for him, he’s shown he at least belongs.

Where are better early departures (portal or draft) would have ranked if they were still on the team (and all the others left, and all the current additions were part of the team)

Kinchens 5
LT 8
J.Will 11
TVD 16 (At times was group 1 during his career… wasn’t playing like group 1 2nd half of last season)
Flagg 35
Harvey 36
Chaney 18
Ladsen High End Jag
C Williams Jag
Skinner High End Jag
Moss Jag
B.Smith 18
Collins A. Unknowns
Dav Brown Jag
Parrish 21
Kelly 17
J.Brown 39
Citizen Unknowns
Spencer Unknowns
JHH 14
Wayne 27
Freeny Unknowns
Pulliam Unknowns
Gore 41

So we lost 4 group 1 players (5 if you want to put “good” TVD in that group)…And added 6 (EDITED from 5, forgot Samuel Brown) group 1 players…

I can’t remember exactly but I believe we increased the size of the 2nd group by either 3 or 4 players. (can’t remember what exactly I started with)

I wasn’t thrilled with the JHH loss but it has been wiped out by the Barrow addition.

The loss I wish we could have back is Nyjalik Kelly (runner-up Wayne, losing both sucked but it’s been solved short term with the addition of the two senior DE and we are recruiting the position very well for the future), and we really needed 1of the senior safety to stay.

I also think Don Chaney had a place on this team (or at least 1 or him, Citizen, Parrish with Chaney being my fav), but again that loss has been addressed/upgraded with the addition of Martinez who is one of the top 10 backs in CFB (maybe top 2-3 power backs)…And wouldn’t have minded seeing Brashard Smith on the team, but he supposedly had a few off field going things on and struggled constantly with picking up playbook and nuances of playing slot. So at least part of the under-utilization we always complained about was on him. Nice returner though.

There is currently a list up on 247 ranking UM’s top 50 players…If I get the extra time maybe we’ll compare any big differences.