Obama mafia lead lawyer steps down

Devil’s advocate:

But he’s only leaving to start his own firm. He left with others to form it. What’s the big deal here?

Why is Breitbart implying this has something to do with Durham?

What happened to the Arizona audits…Amazing they caught covid the day they were supposed to release their findings…They found nothing. What a total fraud. Storm,where are your Q findings about today…

Holy crap did this really happen? What does covid have to do with releasing a report?

I swear, all the conservative who have been up in arms about taking a few days to count an election have been cool with repeated delays in this audit. it’s taking MONTHS longer than it was supposed to.

They report to senate today. Results due to public by end of month.

An audit is much different than an election. Why are you comparing them as though they are identical?

The cia and China got them.

This is actually what’s being delayed. A full report was supposed to be given to the Senate today, but that didn’t happen.

They’re not identical. The election counting took DAYS. This audit is MONTHS overdue, and still being delayed.