No wonder they tell us

That all cases and hospitalizations are unvaccinated people.

They stopped counting vaccinated people in the case count.

Ha! Dream on! Dream until the dream comes true! :musical_score:

I could careless about cases. Only focused on deaths.

IF the vaccine drops them as they appear to do, great! Open the economy, cut unemployment benefits….

Cases could continue on for years!

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Unfortunately that is not what this regime wants.

I believe the benefits are being left in place to create a false lack of supply of workers. This forces employers to raise salaries/wages to land employees. It is much easier to do than raise the minimum wage.

I’m very confident we will not see lockdowns across the board. There is zero appetite for going backwards by the public. The blue states feel safe with higher vaccine rates. We could see localized (city, regional) ones if icu beds are all full. Those won’t be as crazy as 2020 but more likely mask mandates and cutting back on indoor gatherings.

I also have a feeling that passports will stop being a topic within a month as the news of the Pfizer Failure reaches the masses.

What will happen, vaccine mandates everywhere you look. Most importantly, health insurance companies and Medicaid will stop paying for ER visits for unvaccinated if Covid positive. Companies will require them to due costs(free vaccine vs $100 tests).

Your argument works for cases but not hospitalizations. Hospital patients are necessarily tracked due to being in a hospital.

Lol good luck w that…Many (not all) of these people are flawed humans…They are incapable of feeling “safe” and now want to die on a cross. And many (with some overlap) are pushing agendas

And there is not a single reason for masks and indoor gatherings…This is comedy and theatre.

These are just my opinions on the political play book of what will likely happen over the next 3-12 months. A lot will be determined by the results of Moderna vs the Lambda variant. If it is 76% effective then we have a pretty dang good vaccine, not perfect. If it tanks like Pfizer did vs Delta then boosters and craziness continues.

And again…This is pure evil

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I can think of far worse. Just look at Australia, Tiawan, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea which are all democracies who have used a 100% lockdown approach for Covid even to this day. Melbourne is in lockdown number 6! Delta is making the lockdown approach look WRONG as Delta is spreading in these countries even with lockdowns.