Mr. Anti-Vax died how he lived

This is some streak. I wonder if being a right-wing radio host is a comorbidity?

For those wondering, yes, I can’t wait to read Skeeter’s insightful thoughts on this post…

God rest his soul.

A. I can respect anyone dying how they lived. It’s actually my goal.

B. I will never understand the point of these posts? The guy didn’t get a vaccine, he died from covid…He had a very small chance to die, and he did? Why single him out?

Pure fuckery

Because he encouraged others not to get one.

I’ll never disrespect the dead - god test his soul - I think the point is it’s ironic that the thing he was railing against - the vaccine - likely would have saved his life.

There is no “right and wrong” when it comes to the vaccine.

This is why you are so far off here. If he tries to convince others, then it is up to each of them to decide if they agree or want to ignore.

It’s not the big deal you people are making it to be. Maybe he was perfectly fine dying and considered not getting the vaccine to be very important.

He wasn’t holding anyone at gunpoint. Why is it so fucking important for you people to judge? And there are millions of people just like him who are live and well if you are judging and keeping score.

He railed against the vaccine. He got COVID. He died. He probably wouldn’t have died had he gotten vaccinated.

That’s ok - it’s his personal choice - but perhaps let’s let everyone make their own decision on getting vaccinated. Let’s not get on a radio show and rail against it - probably convincing others not to get it - when it might be a good idea to get it….less you have complications from it - in his case - fatal consequences.

Guy had like 100 person audience. Lol

Ok. So? He encouraged 100 people not to get vaccinated. That’s 100 people who might have tried to convince another 100 people each.

Isn’t every single life important, Mr (pretend to be) pro life?

This post changed my perspective on the vaccine. Thanks for posting.

Indiana - care to explain? I’m curious.

He didn’t make their decision for them…He didn’t kill them

You people are fucking nuts. Can’t leave people alone.

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That’s ok - it’s his personal choice - but perhaps let’s let everyone make their own decision on getting vaccinated

So are people allowed to go on tv/radio/etc, etc…And tell people that black Americans are being “slaughtered in the streets”? Is it legal to tell Americans that HCQ puts holes in people’s hearts?

Lot of people saying lots of things in America.

I never said he did. But he may have been influenced them to make a decision that wasn’t the right one.

There is no “right” and "wrong " decision…Your right may not be right to another person.

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That radio host who railed against getting a COVID vaccine and tried to convince people not to get one……got COVID……and died……meaning he probably made a bad decision.

Pure comedy here

Bad result is not always “Right” or “wrong”…And maybe he was cool with playing the percentages. And maybe it was important for him to not get the vaccine at all costs.

This is pretty simple shit, 51…Try to follow.

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Pure comedy?

He played the percentages alright - he played WHAT HE THOUGHT they were.

And he lost.

Skeeter - please get the vaccine. I know you don’t like me - and you’d want to fight me if you saw me. But I don’t want anything bad to happen to you or anyone.

There’s no downside to getting it.

No he didn’t you fucking moron…Plain and simple…99.8 means sometimes 0.2 happens…Or if it was 96% for him, it means sometime the 4% happens.

Jesus Christ people…How are you still this stupid after 18 months of this nonsense?

As for your downside comment, I’m trying to determine that…Thank you. It would be a little more important decision if I was worried about covid. I haven’t been for sometimes…This shit is madness.

Woah woah woah!

You don’t know if this is a true statement.

And there are a lot of people following this message board and you “might influence them.”

And then it would be your fault if they have an adverse reaction or die, right?

How dare you!

What part of he got it and died don’t you understand?

Like the radio host - I’m playing the percentages.