It's antifa Karen, it's over!

Where is my meme at?


Your meme’s up in your pussy…That’s where your meme is…Up in your dirty little kitty kat…Dig deep

This dude is just feminine…Even trash talks in feminine fashion. Pure bitch.

What’s it like to have someone living rent free in your head? Please explain to the board as inquiring minds want to know.

Djrion - what does this prove?

I’m a little confused. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to illustrate here.

Has anyone asked Trump if that conversation is accurate? Or is it because McCarty has an R next to his name you just accept his words?

What’s it like sucking a real live kak? Your fellow feminists everywhere want to know

You got me skeeter, I laughed at this word

Nut job

Get ready for numerous state audits. There’s a price to pay for swindling the American public.

You’re pretty normal buddy.

Bring it on (again)

Your lies and shameful deceit will be judged.

This is actually a direct threat.

I’m starting to realize that Djrion doesn’t just revere Antifa… he is one.

lol wut?

No deceit in progressive liberalism huh? Your whole cult is based on deception aided media.