Everyone has failed

Goddamn, why can’t anyone of you avoid the personal insults.

Please, stop

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Yea- no need for it.

Don’t get me wrong, all of us are guilty to some degree, myself included. It gets heated. But it’s getting a lil crazy lol.

I’m asking everyone to chill the hell out

Agreed. I’m a card carrying member, but let’s lower the temp.

Don’t believe I’ve name called but can back off of storm.

90’s - backing off the name calling is entirely different than debating him.

this is déjà vu all over again. There literally is no moving him because a man that doesn’t believe in teaching, coaching, education doesn’t care to learn or adjust from their perspective in life.

You are correct.

Honestly the best thing to do is for no one to respond to him.

Listen guys- let’s not overthink this. Yes- the temp needs to come down but it’s not that serious. It’s a message board. You don’t like it just avoid.

Let’s not get all feminine about this.


Just ignore those people…eventually they stop.

I think Storm is the exception here.

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What did I miss?!

What did you miss? All of it. :laughing:

Storm and GSC don’t make it personal…don’t agree with either of them but honesty both are probably good guys. Skeeter has gone after everyone…he also makes threats. There is no place for that crap.