Dthang is History in Chicago

Black lives seem to be mattering little in Chicago as blacks seem quite busy culling the herd. What a culture has grown up in ghetto black America, it’s so shamefully trite and buffoonish.

Permit me to explain everything in ebonics. Lil Durk’s bro Dthang be shot dead. 6ix9nine axed a question if da bros gang be dyin.

I am really getting good at this. Let me try one more. Dat man Djrion, he be bikki’s nigga.

Undoubtedly, I will be called a racist for this one, but were I a black man, I would be held in high esteem, not George Floyd sainthood stature, but nevertheless highly regarded in the hood.

By the way, I am now changing my hairstyle to be more in keeping with the times. I haven’t decided yet whether I’d like a reptile look or for my head to look as if it sprouted a palm tree.

Dj, don’t let a liberal friend see you laughing about this comment. You’ll immediately be called a racist, and you need to retain your neighborhood bona fides.