DNI to release report

showing foreign interference in election.

Internal lawyers are trying to suppress and amend the report in order to slow down its impact.

Let’s see how all of you guys who were so obsessed with foreign interference in 2016, when it was determined it didn’t alter votes, will treat this report.

Let’s see how fair you all are.

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We know about and should publicize all the foreign interference in our elections. It is there, it is a fact of life. Talking about is the best weapon against its influence.

Maybe stuff like this is in the report 305

What are your thoughts on stuff like this? You cool with it?

I love how they coined it “successful elections.” Has a nice ring to it.

Ah yes, I remember when Hillary rigged the election to make sure she would lose.

Why do you ignore the fact that they didn’t prepare properly for Trump?

I could play you 10 clips of democrat politicians looking straight into the camera in 2015:2016 and saying with a smirk on their face that there was no way Trump would win.

They weren’t guessing. They had knowledge of this.

If you want to be naive go right ahead. They didn’t realize Trump would draw that many people. She did cheat she just didn’t get the algorithm right.

You wanna know the reason they didn’t pursue their brief allegations of election tampering in 2016? Because it would have revealed THEY CHEATED.

Hillary lost the election because she lazily thought and assumed that the same people that voted for President Obama would automatically vote for her. There are other factors of course, but to me that’s the bulk of it. That IMO is how President Trump won.