Democrat Lies

Democrats have told so many lies about impeachment, it is hard to keep track of them. So, here’s a bright guy who provides us with 75 lies told by the government, then explains why they are lies. This should be a handy tool for those writing in this forum

All you have to do is read his first comment and then full stop cause you know the rest will be BS as well.

He was there guys, in the front row. So it must be all lies…

These endless, rando echo chambers are the pits. I agree, therefore it MUST be true.

These endless, rando echo chambers are the pits. I agree, therefore it MUST be tru

You do it differently huh you little communist sheep? Your posts are full of original thought and objective thinking?

Commie piece of shit. You stopped at the first one because you know your whole political stance and most likely your whole life is built on a lie.

Also…Author provided the text of the speech? So as usual you are overmatched here and provide nothing to do the board commie

Democrats became famous for calling Trump a liar. When the shoe is on the other foot, they try, as DJ illustrates, to dismiss summarily seventy-five examples of mendacity as if they never happened. I think it’s great pulling down the Democrats’ trousers exposing their naked posteriors.

Mr. Van Der Veen of Philadelphia made the impeachment trial an enjoyable experience. It’s amazing how powerful the truth can be when it flows from the lips of a Cracker Jack lawyer. Watching the beat down of the House impeachment managers’ case was a theater-quality spectacle. Van Der Veen’s interview following his destruction of the Democrat’s case was also just marvelous. The liberal CBS News woman while trying to minimize Van Der Veen’s presentation in the Senate found herself just having to listen meekly while Trump’s lawyer put her in her place. You could see the signs of torment on the liberal woman’s face as Van Der Veen lit into her. The big farsical show trial by the Dems came to a screaming halt. After Van Der Veen’s performance in the Senate, there was no doubt who won the trial.

Lmfao, I posted it weeks ago on this very site.

Y’all keep posting garbage as proof that your belief system is superior to others and I’ll continue to sit back, click the click bait, and laugh at you from time to time.

It’s not a post regarding that at all…You are very stupid to interpret it that way

But we knew you were pretty fucking stupid to begin with.

But if you can tell me how that first item…Where you stopped reading. Is proof of mine or others “belief system” I’d love to hear it.

Little meltdown commie type…

I quit

Very easy. You find any low life who believes your craziness and then ask us to read it and expect us to believe it.


And it isn’t just about this horrid post. It is the culmination of random tweets and people who serve only to benefit YOUR belief.

No…Totally incorrect.

First off I look at all sides of the story…Secondly many of my tweets are simply asking questions or looking further into things

Finally, when I do post a FACT…It is that. A FACT…It is indisputable. You being the proud progressive liberal you are, you are ALLERGIC to facts. You are all about bleeding hearts, meltdowns, and overexaggeration…All those things are easy to manipulate, blow out of proportion and use for your own purposes.

Especially when the other side simply wants left the fuck alone. You are the side that refuses to leave people alone…And you then fall into one of the 2…The bleeding heart and hysterical type OR the person that is profiting OFF OF THOSE TYPES.

Crisis Milkers…And even before it gets there, basic aspects of life that can be portrayed as crises.