Can't link til tok...But look it up if you can

A friend sent me an excellent tik tok (he is asian American)

I don’t know if you can just look this guy up, @Isaiah _robinn. No idea if account is private, public, or how to get to it as I’m not on til tok. No idea if this is the man on the camera but I’d assume it is…He’s a 20s or 30s black dude.

Anyway I’ll quote it… Rips both bullshit liberal/liberal media fake ass causes to threads

"They wanna cancel gender y’all…

Ya… (he says this first line jokingly/smiling like he’s in a casual convo then looks at camera seriously)

But why not cancel…RACE

Ya Instead of cancelling gender…Why not cancel Race?

No more black, white, yellow, brown…And just be…human race?

Cancelling gender just causes confusion but canceling race would cause…


What would the media do without their contrived and infinitely fueled “race war”?

Yep- saw that yesterday. An amazing idea.

Why not cancel race?

Seems so simple. If everything in this post modern society is relative- then so is race. It only has meaning of someone gives it meaning. So- ergo … let’s all drop the meaning.

Someone should tiktok back at the kid and ask him to pickup a book. Good starting point would

Berger and luckmanns 1966
“The Social Construction of Reality”

Lol…dj clings to and defends the race war. They will never let it die. They have to milk something…Sick fucking people.

And like if anyone told him to pick up a book…Little songbirds like you wouldn’t cry and call the people who told him that was racist?

Also how do you know he didn’t read your little bullshit liberal book and say “no thanks, that’s bullshit”…Making a lot of assumptions there you fucking hypocrite.