Bahahahahahaha Cuomo

Real tough choice for libs here…Will their covid delusion and virutue signaling continue or will they put blind faith in one of their heroes?

There honestly will be some dumb enough, maybe even on this board, to think Cuomo is going this “just in the nick of time”

You are one dumb mfer if you think Andrew Cuomo and these govs ever based one covid decision on either science or being worried about his citizens and small businesses. He is as evil as there is this…Pure politics and “get Trump” from the start

Also just to be clear Andy will Andy be following his crony Biden’s suggested strategy of helping everyone except white males get back on their feet do to loss of biz? Or is that group still on lockdown?

We have finally come to said magical moment…When the all knowing merciful dem emperor mayors…After deep discussions with their Shamen Fauci and Birx after the shocking discovery that they are destroying a nation decided that this can go no further (or at least it can’t go on 6 additional months or so)

You can’t make this shit up. These are the people you libs support…It’s fucking disgusting.

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Noticed this was crickets…You guys really believe it is the “magical” moment and soon the science will support this evil fuck huh?

Here’s another example…Someone on this board (305?) gave us shit because some of us joked/insinuated covid would be over 11/4

Well maybe we should have said 1/20…Me and all my (crazy right wing conspiracy nuts) have been trying to point out and support the Great Barrington Declaration since about…Oh I don’t know September??? People said their “science” was more important and this was evil, right wing, selfish

Now mainstream media is drawing attention to the Great Barrington Declaration…Lol…Now they care about lockdown damage. Anything important happening soon…I don’t know, a new president maybe??

You’re a blind moron if you think this was ever about science or health.

Crickets…Cuomo patiently awaited that magical moment huh snowflakes?

They know it. They don’t have an answer.


What impeccable timing. All about health huh? No politics involved. Try to do defend this you fucking morons…

Who’s next? Newsome?

We’re gonna see how worried some of you really are about all this health risk.

She said “underground parties”…Wow just wow

They won’t admit it. Liberals all have a hive mind. They know exactly how to defend this. Watch.