Another trump crony / foreign agent

Everyone this guy hired was working for a foreign entity

This is why nobody trusts our politicians. They enrich themselves by selling out their country’s interests. The only silver lining here is that I don’t think this guy made it into any official positions in the Trump admin, as it seems most of the bad stuff was done on the campaign trail.

This guy does a pretty good job of explaining why the right is upset:

His last paragraph also covers one reason why I think Trump Sr doesn’t run in 2024 and won’t be President again.

Yes, I’m aware the Storm will come in and claiming that this is what he has been saying all along. The reality is that this tweet isn’t crazy cabal crack pipe BS but has a good amount of truth of clarity to it.

The issue I have with the right: we aren’t working to resolve the anti trust laws. We aren’t enacting laws to prevent Rollups like Vanguard, BlackROCK, Google, Facebook, apple, Amazon… we aren’t fighting for midsized businesses let alone small.

In another detour, I agree that much of what is wrong with the world or USA can be tied to 1971 and Nixon. See WTF Happened in 1971 | The Year The World Changed - YouTube

So did this guy break the law? Maybe but why are we not asking about the broken laws in 2016 or Hunter Biden or antiTrust cases.

For those on the left, don’t think for a fucking second that this doesn’t have a massive negative impact on you. Watch the video above. For those on the right, it was Nixon’s shitty leadership that started this.

He was a politician? I thought he was the Chair of the inaugural committee.

I suppose that depends on your personal definition of politician, but I don’t think “government employee” is a requirement. And his actions don’t just reflect on him but the politicians he rubbed elbows with.